How to Play

If you want a walk-through of how to play, visit https://sudokufarm.com/walkthru.html. If you just want to start playing, go to https://sudokufarm.com/game.html?l=easy and try to figure it out on the fly. Or read on for more information.


The goal of Sudoku Farm is to complete the sudoku puzzle without running out of any resource. If you don’t know how to play sudoku then you should learn basic sudoku strategies first. In these puzzles, the numbers from 1-9 have been replaced by farm-related images. The sudoku rules remain the same: each image appears exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3 block.

Advanced sudoku solving strategies are never required, but getting better at sudoku will make Sudoku Farm easier.

Resource Management

The twist is that each object produces and/or consumes resources each turn (a turn occurs each time you add a new object to the board). If you add too many of one type then you will run out of a resource quickly. You need to strategically alternate the types of objects so you are always producing enough of each resource.

At the top of the screen there is a table11 with the current totals for each resource and the current net change each turn. The Σ\Sigma row is the current total and the Δ\Delta row is the net change for the next turn. If a resource has a low total and the change is negative each turn then you need to carefully choose an object that will produce more of that resource.

There is a dashboard to the left that lists the production and consumption of each resource per turn. The 🍕 represents food and is only consumed by people. Beans and cows produce the most, but almost everything produces some food. Only wells produce 💦, and everything other than forests consume some water. The 🍚 represents animal feed and is mainly produced by wheat and corn. Animals produce 💩 and crops consume it. Forest and apple trees produce 🔥 while humans consume it for energy. Cows and sheep produce 👕 for your people.

The population of your farming community will grow by one person every three turns. The amount of resources each person consumes is listed at the bottom of the production/consumption chart.

The best way to learn the different objects and their characteristics is to play the game. Play an easy level and just focus on completing the sudoku. If you are running low on something then consult the dashboard and try to add the right element.


If you make a mistake, you can click the undo button below the game to undo your last move. You can undo as many turns as you wish.

Level Selection

There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. To play a random easy game click the easy button on the windmill on the home page or simply visit https://sudokufarm.com/game.html?l=easy. To choose a particular game, add a number from 1-81 to the end of the url like: https://sudokufarm.com/game.html?l=easy17.

In addition, there is a game of the day for each day. You can play this game by click the tractor on the home page or visiting https://sudokufarm.com/game.html. You play a previous day's game visit https://sudokufarm.com/game.html?d=12/25/2021 where the date can be replaced by any date22 in 2021 or 2022. of the form M/D/YYYY.


There are two variations: Crop Rotation and SF Max.

To play Crop Rotation, click the windmill blades on the home page and then click easy, medium, or hard. Or visit https://sudokufarm.com/rotation.html?l=easy to play a random easy game. Or visit a url like https://sudokufarm.com/rotation.html?l=easy1733 17 can be replaced by any integer from 1 to 81. to play a specific game.

To play in Max mode, click the front tire of the tractor on the home page or visit https://sudokufarm.com/max.html. You can also play old daily puzzles in Max mode by visiting a url like https://sudokufarm.com/max.html?d=12/25/2021.

Sudoku Farm Max

Playing in Max mode is similar except the goal is to maximum the population of your farm. Each turn you are able to place multiple copies of an item on a given square, and you can set how much your population will grow each turn.

Change the desired population growth by increasing or decreasing the number to the right44 of the undo button. This number represents the percentage change in the population each turn. The maximum is 25% and the minimum is 1%.

Change the desired number of each item by increasing or decreasing the number to the left of the undo button. This number represents the percentage change of total items of all types. The maximum is 25% and the minimum is 1%.

Surviving is fairly easy if you keep the population low, but ramping up production to support a constantly growing population is a challenge.

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation mode requires occasionally rearranging your farm to maximize the productivity of your crops. Crops (beans, wheat, and corn) are initially 20% more productive, but each turn without a rotation reduces their productivity by 5%.

Each rotation moves all of your animals and crops to new locations in the puzzle. All of the cells currently occupied by cows might become beans, all beans become chickens, etc... The details55 In this case, cows become wheat and chickens become beans, etc... of which animals become which crops are listed at the bottom of the dashboard.

The number of cells occupied by each type of animal/crop will change each rotation. If you are running low on animal feed then a rotation that increases the number of corn cells would be great, but be prepared for a rotation that decreases your feed production.

You only get 5 rotations per game so you must figure out the best timing for your farm.